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The 25 Best Golf Apparel Brands

Whether you are an ace at golf or just a novice, have you checked out the top golf apparel brands yet? If not, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The golf fashion world has evolved a lot in a short time, so you can find some really stylish items to show off at the golf course and set yourself apart from the rest. It's always good to be ahead of the game.


The Ways in Which Golf Fashion is Evolving


Golf style is going through a transformation, as more and more people are looking to make a statement on the course. The traditional golf look, which is typically conservative and understated, is still very much in place, but some more modern and adventurous takes on golf fashion are emerging. These alternate looks often involve bold colors, patterns, and designs, which bring a unique visual flair to the golf course.


Recently, it has been documented that golf has experienced a surge in popularity and has embedded itself in the cultural zeitgeist. This is evident by celebrities in different fields of entertainment introducing golf-inspired fashion collections, such as the NOCTA x Nike Golf Collection by Drake. Nevertheless, the impact of golf is much more than just base clothing items.


Data supplied by the National Golf Foundation shows an increase of 16.1% in the number of rounds of golf played in the U.S. during the peak season, at the end of July, in 2021 compared to 2020. In addition, the demographic splits indicate that almost 44% of people playing golf in 2020 were under 40, and the same amount of people in their 30s played as those in their 60s. It is clear that the new generation of golfers is impacting the style of golf, and for anyone looking to take up the sport, these are the brands to consider.


Krohm jumping into the Golf Clothing Industry


Krohm is a golf product company that focuses on batteries for customers and golf courses batteries. This focus has driven a desire to become one of the top golf shops and open the doors to opportunities in the golf apparel industry. With each step forward. We will be making more and more adjustments and improvements to become the best golf attire and golf supplier available.


Leading Names in Golf Attire


The next time you're ready to hit the links, here's a compilation of the top golf clothing brands to choose from.


1. The Brand Lacoste


Lacoste is a well-known brand that has been around for many years. It is famous for its iconic crocodile logo and its stylish clothing apparel. The company has grown to become a worldwide success and its products are now sold in countries around the world.


Rene Lacoste, a French tennis champ and the world's top player in 1926-1927, created the Lacoste brand. It is influenced by ideals of excellence, fair play, and stylishness, and therefore provides tremendous golf clothing for men. Among the pieces to pay attention to are the Zippered Collar Pique Golf Polo, Printed Golf Sweatshirt, and the Spirit Edition Foldable Raincoat.




Established in 1933 in France, Maus Freres is the parent organization of the company. Thierry Guibert has been the CEO since January 2015, and the company's headquarters are located in Paris, France. Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier are the founders.



2. Uniqlo


Uniqlo is a retail clothing brand which has become increasingly popular in recent years. It has become well-known for its fashionable, affordable and well-made apparel.


Man of Many sport the apparel of Uniqlo on a daily basis, and it's no wonder why. Uniqlo has taken the sports world by storm in recent years, dressing the backs of internationally recognized athletes in both tennis and golf. True to its roots, Uniqlo remains loyal to its core values of textiles, cuts, and affordability. For the athlete that doesn't want to overcomplicate wardrobe choices, Uniqlo is the ideal brand.


Tadashi Yanai, the founder, established the business in March 1949 in Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan. The same individual currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer since 2005. The headquarters of the business is located in Yamaguchi, Japan.


3. The Bogey Boys


The repute of the Bogey Boys is well-known. They are a group of young people who have a notoriety for getting into mischief. Their antics have become legendary in the local community. Despite their reputation, they are also respected for their loyalty and willingness to help out their friends and family.


It has been a while since Macklemore has released any music, which is understandable as he has shifted his focus to his golf apparel label 'Bogey Boys'. His passion for the sport has been channeled into creating some of the most sought-after golf clothing available.


Macklemore, who identifies as an amateur, compensates for his lack of skill with his distinctive fashion sense, providing men who want modern style with the best golf apparel. This is what we mean when we talk about the new golfers who emphasize looking good as much as (or even more than) playing well. Every collection offers a splash of colour and pattern that really stands out in a sport where khaki trousers and white polos are the norm.


Macklemore established the business in 2020 and is the founder.


4. Adidas


The sporting goods giant Adidas is renowned across the globe for its quality products. Their reputation for excellence has made them one of the most recognizable companies in the world.


The list of the top golf clothing brands would not be complete without Adidas golf, an iconic name that has been at the forefront of the fashionable golf scene for years. They provide an extensive selection of golf shoes, which range from traditional to the more contemporary styles, and a variety of high-quality polos, sweaters, shorts, and pants.


People Who Established: Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler


Established On: 18 August 1949 in Herzogenaurach, Germany


Main Office: Located in Herzogenaurach, Germany


Chief Executive Officer: Kasper Rørsted (since 1st October 2016)


5. Hugo Boss


The fashion house of Hugo Boss is well-known for its style and luxury. Their designs have become iconic for those who appreciate high-quality clothing and accessories. The brand has been around for many years, and it continues to be a popular choice for fashion-forward individuals.


For golf apparel, Hugo Boss certainly offers a wide array of options. Whether you prefer the conventional golf polo shirt with a tailored fit and a cotton-polyester blend, or the modern down-filled gilet with a regular fit and sustainable duck down and feather, you'll find something that fits your style.


Mark Langer has been the Chief Executive Officer since 19 May 2016 and Hugo Boss is the founder of the company which was founded in 1924 in Metzingen, Germany. The headquarters of the company is still based in Metzingen, Germany.


6. Castore


Castore is a company that produces high-quality apparel and accessories. They offer items that are designed to last, which are crafted with superior materials. They focus on creating products that are both stylish and functional, while also being comfortable and durable. Their items are designed to provide customers with a luxurious experience.


Castore, a British sports brand, boasts to be the "world's first truly premium sports brand". This makes them a top contender amongst the best golf clothing brands for men. Their lineup includes the Keane Polo, dubbed the "most advanced polo in the world". With seven global locations, it is evident why they make such a strong claim.


The Beahon brothers, Philip and Thomas, established their business in Bebington, United Kingdom back in 2015. Their headquarters are now located in Manchester, England.


7. Bonobos

This New York-based label is renowned for their wrinkle-resistant dress pants, and their golf wear is no exception. Many brands claim to make the best polo shirts, but only a few can truly live up to this promise, and Bonobos is one of them. From classic block-coloured shirts to those with stripes, you can choose from a variety of styles until something stands out - and it undoubtedly will.


In 2007, Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly established their company, with Dunn serving as the Chief Executive Officer. The headquarters is located in New York City, U.S.A. and is currently owned by Walmart.



8. Lululemon


A popular brand of apparel, Lululemon, has become a household name. The company's clothing lines offer a wide selection of fashionable, high-quality items that are perfect for a variety of activities. The brand is well-known for its dedication to producing comfortable and stylish clothing that is suitable for a range of activities. From yoga to running to everyday casual wear, Lululemon has something for everyone.


Lululemon is an upmarket activewear brand known for its quality. Their range of apparel is perfect for those looking to up their fitness game, with a broad selection of golf shirts, hats, socks, trousers and other accessories in a variety of cool hues and technical fabrics. Men's golf clothes from Lululemon are definitely worth checking out.


Chip Wilson is the founder of the company which was established in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada. The company's headquarters are also situated in the same city. Calvin McDonald is the current CEO since August 20th, 2018.


9. Bogner


At the Schwab cup in Arizona, Bernhard Langer took centre stage in the golfwear spotlight by displaying Bogner's collection. His rivals were left to their own devices while Langer showed off a different outfit for each day of the tournament - a rare sight among top athletes during a competitive event. Thus, Langer helped revolutionise the style of golfing.


Andreas Baumgartner was appointed as CEO in 2017, and the company was established in 1932. Additionally, Bogner of America, Inc. is a subsidiary of the organization.


10. Linksoul 


The Linksoul brand has been passed down through generations of golfers, and they are more than just a clothing company. Their commitment to the community is showcased through their efforts in preserving the local golf course, Goat Hill Park, in the last two years. Popular items from their collection are the tour logo boardwalker half-zip windbreaker, drifter shorts, and sanbar stripe shirt jacket.


The headquarters of the company can be found in Oceanside, California and was founded by John Ashworth and Geoff Cunningham in 2009.


11. Calvin Klein Golf


Even after such a long time, Calvin Klein is still able to stay up-to-date with and even surpass modern trends, and this is especially true when it comes to its collection of men's golf attire. It's fashionable, lightweight, and designed to be breathable; plus, it is made with superior quality, so you're sure to love it.


Fashion house with headquarters in New York City that is renowned for its creative yet sensible creations, breathable fabrics and stylish accents.


12. G/FORE


G/FORE is an apparel company specializing in golf-style clothing and accessories. They provide fashionable and comfortable clothing that appeals to golfers and non-golfers alike. Their range of products includes polos, hats, and bags, as well as apparel for golfers of all abilities. With their modern, stylish designs, G/FORE creates the perfect combination of style and performance for the golf course.


G/FORE blends traditional design with contemporary materials. The company's golf trousers could give your performance a boost, as could a pair of their iconic footwear.


Established: 2011


Parent company: Peter Millar


Located in : Beverly Hills


Distinctive for : high-quality pants and shoes, unique patterns, modern fabrics


13. J Lindeberg.


J Lindeberg, formerly the head of marketing for Diesel, is responsible for one of the top golf fashion labels. Taking inspiration from Swedish culture, Lindberg has created a distinct, high-performance aesthetic.


Founder: Johan Lindeberg


Established: 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden


Chief Executive Officer: Stefan Engstrom is the current CEO since 4 July 2007


Location: Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden


14. Rhone


In the market for men's golf attire that oozes luxury? Look no further! Not only will you be sure to get some looks out on the course, just make sure your golf game can match your style.


Origin : Connecticut


Specializing in : high-quality polo shirts, materials that are cutting edge


15. Kjus


Kjus is a well-known clothing brand that has been around for quite some time. It has a long history of producing quality garments that are sure to last. The pieces are also stylish and come in a variety of colors and designs. It has become a go-to choice for many people who want to stay fashionable while being comfortable. Kjus is a reliable brand that provides great value for money.


A collaboration between an Olympic ski champion and a Swiss businessperson has resulted in one of the most renowned activewear brands in the world. Designed to provide maximum flexibility, these premium shirts and trousers will definitely improve your golf game.


Switzerland is the home of fabrics tailored to optimize performance regardless of the weather.


16. Birds of Condor


This Australian golf apparel label gets its inspiration from the extraordinary feat of a hole-in-one on a par five, known as a condor. The brand's roots in surf and music gives its clothing a distinctive Aussie flair that can't be matched.


The company, located in Byron Bay, is renowned for its vibrant personality, high-quality craftsmanship, and humorous promotions.


17. Footjoy


The FJ 1958 Collection could easily be referred to as the epitome of the best golf apparel and shoes. This collection has consistently demonstrated a mastery of timeless golf wear.


Situated in : the Bay State


Noted for : traditional golf attire for the up-to-date man, handmade shoes, fashion apparel


18. Ralph Lauren


The fashion designer whose name is synonymous with style, Ralph Lauren, has been a leader in the fashion industry for many years. His sophisticated designs have been highly sought after, and he has become one of the most influential fashion figures in the world.


Ralph Lauren provides two different ranges for golfers to choose from; Polo Golf for those who prefer classic styles and RLX Ralph Lauren for those looking for something more modern. Subsequently, it is one of the top golf shirt manufacturers globally; though there is more than just that on offer.


Based out of: New York


Famous for: a variety of styles and fabrics for both on the golf course and off.


19. Under Armour


Without a doubt, Under Armour has revolutionized the game with its cutting-edge fabrics and modern designs. This same level of exceptionalism has been applied to the golf arena as well.


The individual responsible for the creation of the company is Kevin Plank, who established it in 1996 in Washington, D.C., U.S.A. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company is Patrik Frisk since January 2020, with its headquarters located in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.


20. Dunning




Dunning golf apparel offers functionality and modernity for an inexpensive cost. Despite its intentionally understated appearance, it is one of the top golf shirt brands and more.


Headquartered in Toronto, this brand is famed for its monochromatic shades, cost-efficient prices, and fabrics that deliver superior performance.


21. Nike


Nike is one of the most well-known and iconic brands in the world. It has defined the modern sports world, and is renowned for its quality and innovation. It's a brand that stands for excellence, and for the athletes and fans who drive it.


Among the most renowned golf apparel businesses, Nike is a top choice that continues to stay ahead of the competition. Even Tiger Woods relies on this brand, and you should too.


Established: 25 January 1964, Eugene, Oregon, United States


Base of Operations: Beaverton, Oregon, United States


Creators: Phil Knight, Bill Bowerman


Leadership: John Donahoe (since Jan 2020), Mark Parker (23 Jan 2006- Jan 2020)


22. Wolsey


You can find a combination of classic colours and high-quality fabrics from this British-based company, which has managed to remain relevant despite its long history. Whatever kind of golf apparel you are seeking, you can find it here.


Henry Wood founded the company back in 1755 with its headquarters located in Leicester, UK.


23. Haus of Grey


Travis Johnson, a former NCAA All-American and professional golfer, has established a successful menswear brand, Matte Grey, that can be found around the world in swanky country clubs and on PGA tours. Johnson is also the founder of TravisMathew, which he sold in 2017.


California is the home of a refreshing aesthetic and quality construction, which are made available at reasonable prices.


24. Travis Mathew


This golf apparel company exemplifies the essence of the Southern California lifestyle, with a harmonious blend of fun and serious business. Whenever you don your TravisMathew clothes, you should always strive to come out on top.


In 2007, Travis Brasher, John Kruger and Travis Johnson started the business whose headquarters are in California, and the parent company of which is the Callaway Golf Company.


25. Breaking the Yips


For the everyday golfer who just loves to swing the club, Breaking the Yips provides a great selection of funny apparel and accessories. If you don't mind a few shanks off the tee or some missed putts, this brand's collection can keep you in great spirits during your round.

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